Friday, June 5, 2015

Three Silver Dimes From 1946, 1962 And 1964 I Found This Week

I've been going through a full box of dimes I got from the bank plus about another hundred dollars of dimes I got from various banks around town and so far I've found three silvers. I got a 1946, 1962 and a 1964. The funny thing about the 42 is that I found it in a clear plastic roll that I was sure had no silver in it but because I have also been looking for sixties dimes to sell for a return profit I opened it anyway and found it. The edges were so dirty it looked black so I was not expecting to find a silver dime. Now I know to look for black looking edges as well as the whiter looking silver ones. Here is a scanned image of all three 90% silver dimes.

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