Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Fifteen Wheat Pennies I Pulled From A Bank Box

I didn't think I would be able to grab a full twenty-five dollar box from my main bank today. I tried to get up but I kept resetting my alarm for an hour or two later. It sucks but I never seem to be able to go to bed early enough. Often I find myself laying in bed for two hours or more before I finally fall asleep. I guess I need to try and take something for that. Sometimes I can get by on five hours of sleep but other times it just seems like I need more than eight. I don't know what's wrong with me.

I did finally wake up with enough time to spend two hours in town today. I ended up picking up about fifty dollars in dimes from one bank but I didn't get any silver. I then headed over to my favorite bank where I have my oldest account set up. Unfortunately they had already closed the vault so I couldn't get anything. There is an Old National Bank right behind them though, so I walked over there thinking I wouldn't make it in time but I did. I got a box of pennies from them and it turned out to be the best box I've come across in a long time. I think I need to start using them to get my coin rolls more often. By the time I went through the whole box I ended up with fifteen wheat pennies. Below are three pics showing what I found.

This first set of five wheat pennies has some older dates in it. I pulled a 1939 with no mint mark, a 1940 and a 1941 with no mint marks and a 1944D and 1947D. I could have sworn I pulled a 1920s wheat penny as well but my vision isn't very good so I was probably seeing a two that was really a three on the 1939 wheat back. The second set was some newer coins.

This second set of old coins is from the 1940s and 1950s and they are some of the best looking wheat pennies I have found all month. The first three are a 1952D and 1953S along with a 1946. The last two are a 1951S and 1951D. These are great condition coins and I was really happy to find them.

This last set of wheat pennies contains a 1950D, a 1951, a 1954D, a 1957D and a 1958D. All around this is a nice set of old coins. I think this box was actually worth the time I put in on it. It took me about 30 minutes to go through it but I'm sure I could have done it much faster. I think I might have to make the bank I got this box from my regular bank for coin roll hunting.

Monday, April 27, 2015

A Buffalo Nickle I Found Today And An Update For This Blog

I've been going through some rolls of nickles lately. I haven't had the time to go through a full box but I did pull out this worn buffalo nickle today. I was going to wait and do a post the next time I find some silver but I decided to go ahead and do a blog post today because I also want to update you guys about what is going on with this blog and the giveaway project I am about to start working on. First of all lets take a look at this old coin. This particular buffalo nickle is really worn down. I couldn't get a mint date off the face of it even after I blew it up with my scanner. This doesn't make it worthless though, even dateless coins like this are worth more than their face value so I'll be keeping this to auction off later once I get enough them to put a roll together. Even though it doesn't have a date I can still read the lettering on the coin so it's not really all that bad. I think the back actually looks pretty good compared to the front of this coin. I also didn't find a mint mark on this coin even though the backside text looked pretty good so I assume it never had one.

I also wanted to give you guys a blog update on what I'm working on. I have been busy trying to build up this blog by getting linkbacks from other websites and blog directories. Right now this blog is ranked in the top six million out of all websites worldwide while the ranking among U.S sites is 2,086,889. This ranking is based on how much traffic a website is getting. While this isn't bad I will need to get into the top million before I can say I'm really doing anything. I don't think that will be that hard though. I've noticed that a lot of people that make these types of blogs tend to give up after a few months and I don't plan on doing that. I plan on being here years from now.

I know you guys won't really understand what I'm doing until I get my other blog up and running and have my YouTube channel in place. Once I get these ready and I have my first giveaway it will be much clearer to everyone. I just hope if you are reading this blog that you keep in touch and keep checking back. I know I will have my first set of free coins rolled up by the end of next month so check back often.

Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eight More Wheat Pennies I Found Coin Roll Hunting This Week

I went through over ten dollars in change this last Wednesday and didn't find a single wheat penny. I was pretty disappointed because they were all customer returned rolls and that's where I usually get my best find. I once found over five full rolls of wheat pennies this way. I went to work the very next day and picked up four more rolls when I got off. I found the 1929 wheat penny in them. Then I picked up 7 more rolls yesterday and found seven wheat pennies in those. That was a really high ratio of finds to rolls. I guess I just got lucky after finding almost nothing for two days. I'm going to try and go through some full boxes this week if I can find the time to run to my bank. I'm also going to try to work towards getting some giveaway rolls put together. Just keep following this blog for some updates in the coming weeks.

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Six Wheat Pennies Of Various Dates I Pulled While Coin Roll Hunting

I went through about twenty dollars worth of pennies to find these six wheat pennies. About half of the coin rolls came from one of my banks and the other half I obtained from work. I can get plenty of change from my banks on the days I have off from work but coin roll hunting has become an obsession of mine so I tend to try and get some to take home from work at least once a month. Nothing really spectacular in these finds. There are three from the 1950s and three from the 1940s. Ne high value coins or key dates from what I can see here. I'll just add these to my collection which I think is around six dollars worth of wheat pennies right now. Tuesday I'll be going into town and I'll try to grab a lot of change to go through. Look for some new posts on this blog early next week.

A Very Worn Silver Mercury Dime I Found In A Roll Of Pennies

I'm constantly amazed at what I find when I'm coin roll hunting pennies. Yesterday I found three Roosevelt dimes in one single roll of pennies and I found a total of five in a whole twenty-five dollar box once. I'm guessing that the reason I find so many dimes in penny rolls is that a lot of older folks miss them when they are rolling up change. Usually they are really blackened from dirt or fires they have been in. This silver mercury dime for instance was so black I wasn't sure what I was looking at when I first found it. I had to clean it with soap and water and a little baking soda just to see the face. I almost never clean my coins but I had to in this case. Even after getting all the dirt and black discoloration off I still couldn't get a definite date from this but I want to say it's a 1914 mercury dime. It sucks that it's in such a worn out condition but at least I get a free piece of silver and I only have a few of these in my collection so I'm not complaining. This has no real numismatic value because of the condition of the coin but the melt value is still around a dollar.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

A 1964 Silver Dime I Pulled From A Coin Roll

I was able to get fifty dollars in dimes from the bank yesterday and I pulled out one 1964 silver dime from the lot. I love going through dimes to hunt for silver because it's so easy to identify them compared to hunting silver nickles. You can usually pick out the silver dimes from the regular dimes by looking at the edge of the coins. I've been wanting to spend more time coin roll hunting dimes so I can get started on a giveaway soon but I just haven't had the time to do it. Here is a scan of the front of the dime I pulled. Hopefully I can order a full box from my bank soon, I'll post the results of that as soon as I get it.

Friday, April 17, 2015

A Nice Looking 1927D Wheat Penny I Found In Ten Rolls Of Coins

Yesterday one of the kids I work with brought in about five dollars worth of rolled up pennies he wanted to sell. He knows I go through rolled up change looking for wheat pennies so he offered to sell these to me. I was a bit leery about doing this at first because a lot of these younger guys I work with have started to look for old coins since they have seen me doing it. I figured if I came out with nothing on this one I could always sell them back to work since I need to have rolled up change to do this anyway. My job doesn't mind selling me change every now and then as long as I'm just swapping rolled up coins for more coins. It's a restaurant so if I bought the change with paper money I would be taking the money they need to run shop. The only coin I got out of this was a 1927D wheat penny. It's an older coin but not a significant date. It's very worn but still has nice lettering and a very clear date and mint mark. Below is a scan of both sides.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Ten Wheat Pennies I Scored From A Bank Box

I just finished going through another full box of pennies I bought from my bank. I'm fairly happy with the box because I found ten pennies in it. It's not what I would call a great set of finds but it's a lot better than the last two boxes I went through where I found almost nothing of value. I've been running really low on spare time lately so it can take me several days to find enough free time to completely unwrap fifty penny rolls like this. With my job combined with my family responsibilities I just can't seem to finish one of these in just one sitting. I was able to run out and grab more change today though. I had to get the rest of my rent money together so this gave me a good excuse to grab more change to go through. I should have two more posts up soon to share with you what I've found.

Anyway, below there are two pictures to show you the wheat pennies I pulled from this coin roll hunt. There were a total of five pennies from the forties and five from the fifties in this haul. It's always nice to find some older ones like these but I would really like to get some from the teens and twenties. The forties were two 1945 coins with no mint mark. One 1949, a 1942 and a 1942D. Some great pre-war pennies here. The fifties wheat pennies were a 1953D, 1956D, 1957, 1957D and a 1958. I don't see anything with a huge monetary value here but I'm just starting to learn what to look for so please post a comment if you ever see me miss a good find.

In other news I do believe I will be able to start getting together some rolls to give away soon. Remember that you will need to be a member of my World Community Grid team to be able to participate in these giveaways.

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Four More Wheat Pennies I Found

I haven't had a lot of time to do any coin roll hunting lately so this is just going to be for seven dollars worth of pennies I went through the other day. This will be a short post as I'm working on a lot of blog projects lately and my time is spread pretty thin on my days off from work. I didn't get a pic of the rolls I went through as proof but I posted an image of the front of these wheat pennies below. In this hunt I found a 1941 and a 1942D as well as a 1952D and a 1958D. This was a pretty good haul for only going through fourteen rolls of coins. I don't know why I'm having such a hard time making scans of these coins. It always seems to cut off a portion of each coin no matter where I place them on scanner. Anyone else ever have this problem with your machine? I know mine is about three years old but I would think this shouldn't be an issue.

I also picked up another box of pennies that I am going through right after I write this post up. Wish me luck, I'll try to get the result up within the next two days.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Another Hundred Dollar Box Of Nickles But No Silver Score This Time

I just finished going through another full box of nickles from the bank. This was an above average box but there were no silvers this time so I'm going to keep this post short. I did fink a 1942 nickle in this but it didn't have a mint mark so no cigar on finding some silver. There was a total of seventeen nickles from the 1940s and fourteen nickles from the 1950s which is kind of strange, because normally you will find more newer nickles than older ones in a box. I won't complain though, by date the nickles from the forties are worth more anyway.

I'm going to try and start going through two boxes of nickles for each post I do on this blog to insure that I almost always find silver. I think it will make things more interesting since the only thing I'm keeping a total of when it comes to my nickles is how much silver I find.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two 1945 Silver War Nickles I Found Coin Roll Hunting This Week

Today I went through another great box of nickles while coin roll hunting. This was the second best full box of nickles I have went through to day. I found two 1945 silver war nickles and they are in great shape. These are probably the best looking silver war nickles I've ever pulled. I didn't bother posting a picture of the hundred dollar bank box I pulled them from, I'm going to stop doing that on every post. I don't think there is any real need for it more than once out of every three or four posts as you can see I'm finding real coins by the scans I take of them. In addition to these American WWII coins I also found many pre-1959 coins which are the older dates I focus on when I'm coin roll hunting. Below is an image of the two silver coins I pulled. I scanned both the front and back of these so you can see the condition of them for yourself. One is a 1945P and the other a 1945S. As you can probably tell the scan the Philadelphia nickle looks a little better than the San Francisco mint. Neither looks great but the lettering on both is very sharp and that's why I think these are the best looking examples circulated coins I think I have found so far.

The rest of the nickles are just the older ones I keep for future eBay auctions. I plan on selling some of these very soon. I will make a post about them when I set my first auctions up. There were fifteen nickles from the 1950s and seven from the 1940s. This is actually kind of low for a box that had silver in it. If I keep hitting silver war nickles like this I might start doing two boxes at once.

I have a second full box that I'm going through right now. I'll try to get a post up for that box tomorrow but I should be able to get one up by the weekend at the latest.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Another $25 Box Of Pennies With Really Low Returns

After getting a really low quality box of pennies from my last coin roll hunt I was hoping to hit a good box with some great returns this time but this box turned out to be even worse. It's times like these that I think about giving up on this hobby. I took a pic of this box as soon as I got home. There were a few rolls I had already went through while I was riding the bus home. I like to make the most of my time when I'm using public transportation and coin roll hunting is a great way to do that.

After I finished going through the whole twenty-five dollars worth of pennies I found that I had only got Three wheat pennies from the 40s and three from the 50s. Even though I also found two foreign pennies that are old enough to keep I can't count those as finds so if I got six hits out of fifty coin rolls that comes to less than one out of eight rolls which makes this a really bad box. Here is a pic of all the U.S coins.

The two foreign coins I found were not in the greatest shape but I was able to read the mint dates on both of them. They are 1953 and 1954 Canadian pennies. I posted an image of both sides of them below.