Friday, April 17, 2015

A Nice Looking 1927D Wheat Penny I Found In Ten Rolls Of Coins

Yesterday one of the kids I work with brought in about five dollars worth of rolled up pennies he wanted to sell. He knows I go through rolled up change looking for wheat pennies so he offered to sell these to me. I was a bit leery about doing this at first because a lot of these younger guys I work with have started to look for old coins since they have seen me doing it. I figured if I came out with nothing on this one I could always sell them back to work since I need to have rolled up change to do this anyway. My job doesn't mind selling me change every now and then as long as I'm just swapping rolled up coins for more coins. It's a restaurant so if I bought the change with paper money I would be taking the money they need to run shop. The only coin I got out of this was a 1927D wheat penny. It's an older coin but not a significant date. It's very worn but still has nice lettering and a very clear date and mint mark. Below is a scan of both sides.

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