Thursday, April 9, 2015

Two 1945 Silver War Nickles I Found Coin Roll Hunting This Week

Today I went through another great box of nickles while coin roll hunting. This was the second best full box of nickles I have went through to day. I found two 1945 silver war nickles and they are in great shape. These are probably the best looking silver war nickles I've ever pulled. I didn't bother posting a picture of the hundred dollar bank box I pulled them from, I'm going to stop doing that on every post. I don't think there is any real need for it more than once out of every three or four posts as you can see I'm finding real coins by the scans I take of them. In addition to these American WWII coins I also found many pre-1959 coins which are the older dates I focus on when I'm coin roll hunting. Below is an image of the two silver coins I pulled. I scanned both the front and back of these so you can see the condition of them for yourself. One is a 1945P and the other a 1945S. As you can probably tell the scan the Philadelphia nickle looks a little better than the San Francisco mint. Neither looks great but the lettering on both is very sharp and that's why I think these are the best looking examples circulated coins I think I have found so far.

The rest of the nickles are just the older ones I keep for future eBay auctions. I plan on selling some of these very soon. I will make a post about them when I set my first auctions up. There were fifteen nickles from the 1950s and seven from the 1940s. This is actually kind of low for a box that had silver in it. If I keep hitting silver war nickles like this I might start doing two boxes at once.

I have a second full box that I'm going through right now. I'll try to get a post up for that box tomorrow but I should be able to get one up by the weekend at the latest.


  1. Is this like a box you get from the bank, or...?

    1. yes, you can get some banks to order change for you. It comes off the brinks truck in boxes.