Thursday, June 25, 2015

Sixteen More Wheat Pennies Pulled From Coin Roll Hunting

I just finished going through forty dollars worth of pennies. I haven't actually had time to go through any full boxes of pennies from the bank because I have been so stretched for free time lately. I've just been grabbing rolls here and there and I've come up with these sixteen. I just haven't had time to keep up with the blog posts, that's why there isn't as many posts this month as I usually try to have. There's also the fact that I'm not getting much search engine traffic to this blog so I'm not as enthusiastic about updating it as much. With that being said my Alexa rank still seems to be growing almost every time I check it so I must be doing something right. I'll try to do better next month and get at least ten posts up. The complete tally shows that I found eleven wheat pennies from the 1950s and four from the 40s. I also found a 1921 with no mint mark. I don't think there is anything extraordinary here though. If you see anything that stands out or looks rare please be sure to leave a comment below letting me know. Below is the scanned image of all the wheat pennies I found in this last batch of coin rolls.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

A 1948D Silver Dime I Pulled While Coin Roll Hunting

I've been going through tons of dimes lately. It's been really hard for me to find time to keep up with my coin roll hunting hobby but I've manages to go through over $500 in dimes over the past two weeks. Unfortunately out of all this change I have only found one silver dime and that was this 1948D Roosevelt silver dime. I'm starting to think that doing this on a large scale is not really worth the effort but I guess I won't really know until I start selling off my non silver finds. I've been keeping all my dimes dated from 1965 to 1969 as the eBay prices for these circulated coins seem to be going for about double their face value. Only time will tell if I am able to duplicate other sellers results when I auction off my coins. Below is an image of my latest silver find.

Monday, June 15, 2015

Two More Wheat Pennies I Found At Work

I found these two wheat pennies just the other day in between ringing up orders from customers. Nothing really special here, just a 1945 and a 1956D. It's still nice to find these while I'm on the clock and getting paid though. I also found two pre-war nickles in the register on the same day but nothing with silver in it. I plan on adding these two my 40s and 50s nickle horde that I will end up selling on eBay. Below is a scanned image of the two wheat pennies I found. I think I need to clean the top of my scanner though. Placing all these dirty coins on it is staring to leave a lot of dust and nasty debris that make my scans look gross.

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Seven More Wheat Pennies From Coin Roll Hunting Today

I found three of these wheat pennies out of rolls I picked up from work and the rest I got from coin roll hunting bank rolls over the last two days. Not any really big finds other than the 1920 coin without a mint mark. I'm hoping to be able to grab a full box from the bank on my way into work today and go through it tomorrow to see what I can find. My full collection of wheat pennies is really starting to grow and I may have to sell some of them off very soon. Below is a scanned image of the latest finds.

Monday, June 8, 2015

Two Wheat Pennies I Found In The Cash Register At Work

They have started putting me on the front register at work. I like this position as it's not as hectic as working in the drive-thru plus I get to deal with customers which is something I actually prefer. The only problem I have is that I have some hearing issues. I have some trouble hearing some people when they give their orders but I think I will still be able to work this position at work sometimes and it's a great way for me to pick up a few wheat pennies from time to time. I can't hunt silver this way though. I just can't see well enough to pick out the silver dimes and quarters without putting them right up to my face. Obviously I can't do this while I'm waiting on customers so I'll have to be satisfied with the occasional wheat penny score. I found a 1929 and a 1957D this time but who knows what I might find next time.

Friday, June 5, 2015

Three Silver Dimes From 1946, 1962 And 1964 I Found This Week

I've been going through a full box of dimes I got from the bank plus about another hundred dollars of dimes I got from various banks around town and so far I've found three silvers. I got a 1946, 1962 and a 1964. The funny thing about the 42 is that I found it in a clear plastic roll that I was sure had no silver in it but because I have also been looking for sixties dimes to sell for a return profit I opened it anyway and found it. The edges were so dirty it looked black so I was not expecting to find a silver dime. Now I know to look for black looking edges as well as the whiter looking silver ones. Here is a scanned image of all three 90% silver dimes.

A 1899 Indian Head Penny And Thirty-Seven Wheat Pennies I Found Coin Roll Hunting This Week

I actually got all of these pennies from a full box plus another forty dollars worth of pennies I picked up at work and the bank this week. I found the 1899 Indian head penny in the first roll I took out of a twenty-five dollar bank box. I was so excited to find it not only because it's the most valuable penny I have found but also because I was sure that box would end up having more Indian heads in it or at least a lot of wheat pennies. Unfortunately the box turned out to have only three or four wheat pennies in it and would have been the worst bank box ever if it wouldn't have been for the very first find. I have not been able to keep up on my blog posts for penny hunting because I have been concentrating on silver but I've kept everything I've found to make this one post. Below is a scan of the 1899 Indian head penny. As you can see it's in pretty good shape for a coin found in circulation.

Then we have the large number of wheat pennies that I've been hoarding. I'm separating these into three pics. The first one is the older wheat pennies I've found. There are three from the thirties and one from the twenties. We have a 1929 and then a 37,38 and 39. None of these older coins have mint marks on them but they are in great shape for their age. I wish I could find more copper pennies from these earlier dates but they are becoming harder and harder to find these days. Here is a scanned image of all four of these older wheat pennies.

Up next we have all the pennies from the forties and there are quite a lot of them. I found a total of seventeen this week and I'm very happy as there are actually more of these than the ones I found from the fifties. I won't go through all the dates here as there are just too many to list. You can see a scan below but the image is not as large as I usually post because I could not get them all to fit in the pic so I shrank it down a little bit.

And lastly we have all the pennies from the fifties. We had sixteen of these from a nice variety of dates. I'm pretty satisfied with this haul even though I had to go through a huge amount of pennies to find them all. I don't think I ever want to get this behind in my updates ever again. There was one face that was so worn down I couldn't get a date from it at all so I just placed it in this lot. You might also notice two things about this pic. One is that it's the normal larger size like my normal scans. I'm still trying to figure out why some scans come out like this and some I have to crop the image to cut out all the white area on the sides. I think I just need to group them more tightly when I lay them on the scanner. I'll try this next time I do a post. The second thing you will notice is that one of the pennies is upside down and a few others are lopsided, well I'. almost blind it seems without my glasses and I'm getting ready for work as I type this so I'm not going to do another scan. For those of you that have OCD, I'm sorry.

So our total of wheat pennies comes to 37 plus we got an Indian head that is the oldest one I have ever held in my hand. I'd say this is pretty good for going through sixty-five dollars in pennies. Looks like I might have to start hitting eBay soon to get rid of some of these.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

A 1943 Silver War Nickle I Picked Up At Work

I got really lucky yesterday because I wasn't even running the cash register at work but I happened to be looking for something in the office when I saw this old worn nickle laying face up in the change tray. I peered down for a closer look and read the date, it was a 1943. I was so surprised to see it just sitting there on the top like that. I got one of the managers to swap it out for a newer worthless nickle so now I have a total of four silver war nickles that I have found so far this week. That's very cool considering that I haven't gone through hardly any rolls in the last seven days. I'd say I've probably only went through a little over fifty dollars worth. Here is an image of the coin I was so lucky to snag.

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Three More Silver War Nickles I Found This Week

I can't believe I went through only forty dollars worth on nickles and I found three silver war nickles. That's an incredibly high ratio from what I would normally expect from coin roll hunting. I guess all my hard work is starting to pay off. The dates on these are 1942, 1943 and 1945 and all of them are from the Philadelphia mint. I'm really happy to have been ab;e to pick up three of these out of such a small number of coins and will be adding them to my silver stack. I've been doing pretty well with all the silver coins I've been hunting lately. I also have a ton of wheat pennies I found from several boxes I've been going through. I will have to get a post together to show off what I've found. I expect to be able to have that up this week so stay tuned.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

A 1964 Silver Dime I Found Coin Roll Hunting

I got up much later than I wanted to today and I wasn't able to get much change after I went into town. Usually I take Tuesday as a day to go to the bank or ATM to get my money and this is also a day I take time for myself. Usually I get a meal and only get change based on how much time I have before the bus comes back around on its route. Today I got into town so late I only got to pick up fifty dollars in dimes. I only found one silver out of this but there were many older date dimes that might go for more on an auction. I was able to order another box of dimes though, so lets hope I have good luck with that one. Below is a scan of the 1964 silver dime I pulled from coin roll hunting today.