Monday, April 27, 2015

A Buffalo Nickle I Found Today And An Update For This Blog

I've been going through some rolls of nickles lately. I haven't had the time to go through a full box but I did pull out this worn buffalo nickle today. I was going to wait and do a post the next time I find some silver but I decided to go ahead and do a blog post today because I also want to update you guys about what is going on with this blog and the giveaway project I am about to start working on. First of all lets take a look at this old coin. This particular buffalo nickle is really worn down. I couldn't get a mint date off the face of it even after I blew it up with my scanner. This doesn't make it worthless though, even dateless coins like this are worth more than their face value so I'll be keeping this to auction off later once I get enough them to put a roll together. Even though it doesn't have a date I can still read the lettering on the coin so it's not really all that bad. I think the back actually looks pretty good compared to the front of this coin. I also didn't find a mint mark on this coin even though the backside text looked pretty good so I assume it never had one.

I also wanted to give you guys a blog update on what I'm working on. I have been busy trying to build up this blog by getting linkbacks from other websites and blog directories. Right now this blog is ranked in the top six million out of all websites worldwide while the ranking among U.S sites is 2,086,889. This ranking is based on how much traffic a website is getting. While this isn't bad I will need to get into the top million before I can say I'm really doing anything. I don't think that will be that hard though. I've noticed that a lot of people that make these types of blogs tend to give up after a few months and I don't plan on doing that. I plan on being here years from now.

I know you guys won't really understand what I'm doing until I get my other blog up and running and have my YouTube channel in place. Once I get these ready and I have my first giveaway it will be much clearer to everyone. I just hope if you are reading this blog that you keep in touch and keep checking back. I know I will have my first set of free coins rolled up by the end of next month so check back often.