Sunday, April 19, 2015

A Very Worn Silver Mercury Dime I Found In A Roll Of Pennies

I'm constantly amazed at what I find when I'm coin roll hunting pennies. Yesterday I found three Roosevelt dimes in one single roll of pennies and I found a total of five in a whole twenty-five dollar box once. I'm guessing that the reason I find so many dimes in penny rolls is that a lot of older folks miss them when they are rolling up change. Usually they are really blackened from dirt or fires they have been in. This silver mercury dime for instance was so black I wasn't sure what I was looking at when I first found it. I had to clean it with soap and water and a little baking soda just to see the face. I almost never clean my coins but I had to in this case. Even after getting all the dirt and black discoloration off I still couldn't get a definite date from this but I want to say it's a 1914 mercury dime. It sucks that it's in such a worn out condition but at least I get a free piece of silver and I only have a few of these in my collection so I'm not complaining. This has no real numismatic value because of the condition of the coin but the melt value is still around a dollar.

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