Sunday, April 26, 2015

Eight More Wheat Pennies I Found Coin Roll Hunting This Week

I went through over ten dollars in change this last Wednesday and didn't find a single wheat penny. I was pretty disappointed because they were all customer returned rolls and that's where I usually get my best find. I once found over five full rolls of wheat pennies this way. I went to work the very next day and picked up four more rolls when I got off. I found the 1929 wheat penny in them. Then I picked up 7 more rolls yesterday and found seven wheat pennies in those. That was a really high ratio of finds to rolls. I guess I just got lucky after finding almost nothing for two days. I'm going to try and go through some full boxes this week if I can find the time to run to my bank. I'm also going to try to work towards getting some giveaway rolls put together. Just keep following this blog for some updates in the coming weeks.

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