Sunday, April 19, 2015

Six Wheat Pennies Of Various Dates I Pulled While Coin Roll Hunting

I went through about twenty dollars worth of pennies to find these six wheat pennies. About half of the coin rolls came from one of my banks and the other half I obtained from work. I can get plenty of change from my banks on the days I have off from work but coin roll hunting has become an obsession of mine so I tend to try and get some to take home from work at least once a month. Nothing really spectacular in these finds. There are three from the 1950s and three from the 1940s. Ne high value coins or key dates from what I can see here. I'll just add these to my collection which I think is around six dollars worth of wheat pennies right now. Tuesday I'll be going into town and I'll try to grab a lot of change to go through. Look for some new posts on this blog early next week.

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