Friday, June 5, 2015

A 1899 Indian Head Penny And Thirty-Seven Wheat Pennies I Found Coin Roll Hunting This Week

I actually got all of these pennies from a full box plus another forty dollars worth of pennies I picked up at work and the bank this week. I found the 1899 Indian head penny in the first roll I took out of a twenty-five dollar bank box. I was so excited to find it not only because it's the most valuable penny I have found but also because I was sure that box would end up having more Indian heads in it or at least a lot of wheat pennies. Unfortunately the box turned out to have only three or four wheat pennies in it and would have been the worst bank box ever if it wouldn't have been for the very first find. I have not been able to keep up on my blog posts for penny hunting because I have been concentrating on silver but I've kept everything I've found to make this one post. Below is a scan of the 1899 Indian head penny. As you can see it's in pretty good shape for a coin found in circulation.

Then we have the large number of wheat pennies that I've been hoarding. I'm separating these into three pics. The first one is the older wheat pennies I've found. There are three from the thirties and one from the twenties. We have a 1929 and then a 37,38 and 39. None of these older coins have mint marks on them but they are in great shape for their age. I wish I could find more copper pennies from these earlier dates but they are becoming harder and harder to find these days. Here is a scanned image of all four of these older wheat pennies.

Up next we have all the pennies from the forties and there are quite a lot of them. I found a total of seventeen this week and I'm very happy as there are actually more of these than the ones I found from the fifties. I won't go through all the dates here as there are just too many to list. You can see a scan below but the image is not as large as I usually post because I could not get them all to fit in the pic so I shrank it down a little bit.

And lastly we have all the pennies from the fifties. We had sixteen of these from a nice variety of dates. I'm pretty satisfied with this haul even though I had to go through a huge amount of pennies to find them all. I don't think I ever want to get this behind in my updates ever again. There was one face that was so worn down I couldn't get a date from it at all so I just placed it in this lot. You might also notice two things about this pic. One is that it's the normal larger size like my normal scans. I'm still trying to figure out why some scans come out like this and some I have to crop the image to cut out all the white area on the sides. I think I just need to group them more tightly when I lay them on the scanner. I'll try this next time I do a post. The second thing you will notice is that one of the pennies is upside down and a few others are lopsided, well I'. almost blind it seems without my glasses and I'm getting ready for work as I type this so I'm not going to do another scan. For those of you that have OCD, I'm sorry.

So our total of wheat pennies comes to 37 plus we got an Indian head that is the oldest one I have ever held in my hand. I'd say this is pretty good for going through sixty-five dollars in pennies. Looks like I might have to start hitting eBay soon to get rid of some of these.


  1. I have several 1955's,D,P,and S.How can you tell if one is a "double die"?? Is it that obvious?

    1. yes, they are very obvious error coins from what I understand. They are extremly rare though. I doubt you will ever find one without buying it