Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Box Of Nickels From The Bank With Three Silver War Nickles And Tons Of Old Coins

I got really lucky today. I have gone through at least ten boxes of nickels and from my fast experience you only find one silver in every two boxes or so. I have also only been averaging about 30 nickles that are 1995 or older. When I counted up all the old coins I pulled from this $100 bank box I couldn't believe what I was seeing. This has been so far the best box of 50 coin rolled nickles I have ever gone through. This will now be the box to beat for all my future posts on this blog. I estimated that the going eBay prize for these coins would be close to $10 if not more. Since there were so many Jefferson nickles worth keeping I decided not to post pics of them from individual decades. I will just show you the total amount of old coins I found along with an image of the silver war nickles. Here is a breakdown of what I found.

There was a total of seventeen nickles from the forties including the three silver war nickles and twenty-four from the fifties for a grand total of forty-one nickles. If we do the math at is 1.21 hits per bank roll. This is definitely the best box of nickles I have ever gone through, especially when you consider the silver finds.

The three silver war nickles I found didn't look too bad either. They are black from being tarnished but the coins themselves still have a lot of detail. The date and words on each of these old coins is very visible. I got one 1944 and two from 1945 so I am very happy with these.

I am pretty impressed with this box. I'm hoping to get one that is even better in the future. If I can get one that has four or five silver coins in it that would be amazing. I will try to get another box of coins from my bank tomorrow but I don't know if they will have anything for me. At the very least I will pick up a small amount of loose rolled up pennies or nickles and make a blog post of what I find.

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  1. Your posts are getting me excited about coin hunting! :)