Monday, March 23, 2015

Two Free Wheat Pennies I Recieved For Free From Work

I love when I get these free wheat pennies from one of the guys from work. I'm on the clock and it's kind of like a bonus for doing nothing. On the night I work with this young kid named Kevin he will sometimes give me a wheat penny or two. They always look in really good condition. Honestly I think he cleans them which I've tried to tell him not to do. Maybe he is getting them from a regular customer or something. However he comes across them I'm just glad he gives me a few of them for free. I think he started collecting them when he saw me taking home rolled up coins after work. I explained to him what I was doing and I think he caught the coin collecting bug. I think he's still in high school so if he keeps collecting by the time he gets my age he'll have a large collection of valuable wheat pennies. Below is a scanned image of the two free wheat pennies I received. One is from 1936 without a mint mark and the other is a 1957 Denver coin.

I have more rolled up change to go through tomorrow. I hope to have some interesting finds to share with you all.