Monday, March 9, 2015

My First Box Of Jefferson Nickles For Old Coin Roll Hunting

This is not the first box of Jefferson nickles I've gone through. In fact I've probably done a dozen of these so far but this is my first post so I want to keep everything in order. From this point forward I will be keeping a record of what I find while I'm old coin roll hunting. This was actually $150 worth of nickles but I forgot to take a picture of the other fifty dollars in coins so I'm just using the box in this image. I know it's not a good picture but I'm just getting use to using my phone. I promise I will have better images in the future.

Usually when I go out to get rolled up change its on a day I don't have to work and I try to get out early. There are a couple places near my banks where I can sit down and go through some of the coins and then take them back to one of my banks that has a coin machine so I can get more to take home. This allows me to go through more change when I'm old coin roll hunting and gives me more bang for my buck. There is also no investment for me in transportation or gas since I ride the bus to do this and I have to make a trip into town once a week anyway to cash checks and get something to eat.

The first fifty dollars in nickles I went through didn't yield a lot. I think I found less than ten nickles that were dated 1959 or before. The full box was a lot better though. Below are some pics of all the coins I found separated into categories of 1930s, 1940s and 1950s. altogether it wasn't a bad haul.

I found two 1939 Jefferson nickles that weren't in really bad condition. At least I can read the dates on these. No buffalo nickles though. There were sixteen nickles from the 1940s, twenty-six from the 1950s and a twenty pence British coin. That means I got 44 hits out of $150 in nickels. If we do the math we get 150/44 which gets us a value of 3.40. That would be almost 2 high value hits per roll of nickles. Not too bad but a war nickle or two would have been nice. Even without any silver coins the price that these coins go for at auction makes them worth at least ten cents over their face value and they could go as high as twenty cents so given the time I've put into these this works out to about minimum wage. This something I do once or twice a week and for most people this would not be worth their time but I think if your out of work you can at least have some money coming in if you do this. It could also be a great way for kids to make money to supplement their allowance or a part time job.

Tomorrow I'm headed to the bank and I will try to get another box of nickles and a box of pennies. I will try to do a blog post for each of these. Wish me luck.