Thursday, March 12, 2015

Two Wheat Pennies And Two Old Canadian Pennies I Picked Up From Work

Sometimes when I'm at work I will get a few random finds. Since I don't work the register I only get these when someone else saves them for me. I think I got all of these from my buddy Kevin but one of the wheat pennies might have come from some loose change I went through. but anyway if Kevin reads this, thank you man.

I know it might seem like a waste of time to post these but I want to keep track of every old coin I find from this point forward so here are some images of all four of these coins. First we have the wheat pennies, one from 1944 and one from 1945. Neither one of these is very old and I don't think these are rare at all. They are not in very good shape as you can see from the scans. They are fairly pot marked but the dates are very visible. The backs of these look to be in about the same condition as the fronts. I am still happy to get these as any wheat back that isn't from the fifties is still a good find.

The two old Canadian pennies are dated 1943 and 1947. These aren't as valuable as wheat pennies but they still have a numismatic value that's higher than a regular modern coin of the same face value. These also look pretty good compared to the other two coins. Is it just me or do the older Canadian coins stand up to the test of time better than their American counterparts? Maybe they stay in better shape because they are foreign currency and are more likely to have been sitting in someones coin collection and out of circulation.

So I will be adding these wheat backs and old Canadian pennies to my personal collection. I actually have a lot more coin rolls I have already gone through this week but I have not had the time to get the blog posts together. I will try to do that before the end of this week.

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  1. Do you know how much they are worth?