Sunday, March 22, 2015

Twelve Wheat Pennies I Found In A Box Of Coins From The Bank

So I jumped on the bus to cash some checks last week and I also had my big bag of change to drop off at one of the banks I use that has a change machine. Unfortunately their machine was out of order and they said they would not have it fixed until later in the day or maybe the next day. So there I am holding a huge bag of pennies, nickles and dimes that probably weighs over forty pounds. I had other things to do that day and I wasn't going to lug that heavy bag of coins to the store and to my other bank. So I ended up standing there at the service table on the other side of my bank and rolled up sixty dollars in nickels so I wouldn't have to carry so much weight with me. It took me over an hour and wasted a lot of time but I really had no choice if I was going to get more coins that day and be able to do my shopping before the last bus runs. Because of this I couldn't get my box of nickles but I did get a box of pennies which is what your looking at now.

After going through this full box of $25 in pennies I found twelve wheat pennies. I tried to line them up in the picture from oldest to newest but my brain just isn't working right, plus I can't see very well so even though I have them lined up on my desk I always seem to get the order wrong by the time I line them up on the scanner. I guess I need to keep taking separate pics of the coins I find from each decade to keep them sorted so I don't keep making these mistakes. Here is a list of what I got. One 1930 and one 1935 with no mint marks. A 1940, 1944D and a 1946. Not bad for some before fifties coins. The rest were a 1950D and two 1952D coins. Then a 1953D, 1954D and 1956D. I believe the last one is a 1954 with no mint mark but I can't be completely sure because the last number is almost worn off. The condition of these old pennies is not that bad and this was more than ten wheat pennies in a box which is not bad. It comes out to about 1 penny in ever 4 rolls which seems about the average you find these days. At least that has been my experience. I'm always satisfied if I find one keeper penny in every four to five rolls I go through. Below is the image of everything I found in this box.

I have lots of loose penny rolls I have gone through in the last week that comes from change I bought at work. I will be putting together blog posts from them and I'll try to get those posted in the next week. I also have some updates I need to do to this blog to make it look nicer. Check out the sidebar to see what I'm doing.

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