Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The Oldest Wheat Penny I've Found So Far

I didn't have time to pick up a lot of change to work on my coin roll hunting hobby today but I did manage to get ten penny rolls from one of the seven banks I can walk to downtown. I went through all of these and only came up with one coin but it turns out to be the oldest wheat penny I have found so far, at least the oldest one since I started keeping track on this blog. It's kind of strange that I went through this many coins and only got one hit but I guess it's a good one. I'm also surprised at the condition this one is in. It looks really good, it may be that it's been cleaned by a previous owner but I still think it looks like it's in fair condition when you consider that it's almost a hundred years old. The penny is a 1918 with no mint mark and there is an image of both sides of it above. I have to work tomorrow but I will try to post images from the last full boxes of pennies and nickles I went through. Below is the image of the rolled up pennies I picked up today.

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