Thursday, March 19, 2015

Going Through 8 Penny Rolls From Work In Search Of Old Coins And Wheat Pennies

Tonight was a long tight of work and I was tired as hell after more than eight hours on the clock. I wanted to get home fast and rest but that doesn't mean I don't have enough energy to coin roll hunt. I might be wore out but it doesn't take much effort to open up a few rolls of old coins and look for some wheat pennies. I'm glad that I work at a restaurant that lets me do this. I can get tons of change from the banks in town and in fact I picked up a box of pennies today but I'm saving that for tomorrow and even with the large amount of change I go through I still find myself wanting more.

I think honestly it's becoming an obsession with me, I know how much these old coins are worth and I'm not talking about the value that some website gives them or the red book value. I'm talking about what the market is willing to pay for them. I consider the market to be eBay and i check what lots of rolled pennies and nickles go for all the time. Wheat pennies do go for a fair price, it's not a huge amount of money but it is enough to make coin roll hunting worth your time if you do it as a hobby. I plan on doing a post about selling rolled coin lots on eBay soon but this will be a huge post and I'm not willing to dedicate the large amount of time it will take to write that article just yet.

I went through these rolls as soon as I got home. I only found two wheat pennies in them but that is not bad for four dollars worth of pennies. One is from 1946 and the other is a 1947. Neither one of these wheat pennies has a mint mark. These old coins are fairly common dates and are in average condition for what I normally pull from my rolls so nothing extraordinary this time.

I still haven't found any really old coins. I'm hoping to find and Indian head penny or a flying eagle. I've only been able to pick up coins like that through buying them online but I've seen videos of people pulling them out of random rolls so I'm hopeful I will see at least one Indian head penny pop up soon. I have another full box of pennies sitting in front of me as I type up this post. I'll be going through them tonight so lets hope I find some good copper coins.

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  1. I've had some interesting finds, too, but I don't necessarily do it as a hobby.