Sunday, March 8, 2015

Welcome To My Old Coin Roll Hunting Blog - Get Some Free Coins From Me

I've been old coin roll hunting for several months now so I decided to create this blog to keep track of everything I find. If you follow this blog you'll get to see why getting change from your bank each week can be a great way to find some interesting old coins that can also earn you some extra cash.I also find this hobby to be a great stress reliever after a long day of work.

I will be posting pics of all the old pennies, nickels and dimes I find. I like to go through whole boxes of coins every week. Sometimes I also grab some coin rolls from work and go through these as well. I usually look for wheat pennies, Jefferson nickles that are 1939-1959, buffalo nickles and any silver dimes or quarters. The nickles I plan on selling on eBay as they go for two to four times their face value. The pennies I tend to hoard but as my collection grows I will be selling everything to buy more valuable coins. Mostly I like to keep much older coins like Indian head pennies and mercury dimes. i want to build a collection of pre civil war coins that are in very good condition but not uncirculated. I also like buying gold coins.

I keep some foreign coins I find if they are older or if they are a higher value domination than if they were American coins. Usually the coin needs to be over 50 years old or be composed of a precious metal. Whether I keep them or not I will post images of everything i find here.

I will try to post a lot of updates on everything I find. i will also do posts that teach you more about the coin collecting hobby. Even when i sell things on eBay I will post links to the auctions from this blog. Hopefully you will find some interesting posts here that will help you learn how to earn some money from this hobby or just have some fun collecting and maintaining your coin treasure.

I will also be taking some of the old coins I find from coin roll hunting and setting them aside to give to my followers for free in future contests and fun projects. The coins I'm separating for this will be on my coins for a cure blog. These will be mostly giveaways. To be eligible for these giveaways you will need to be a member of my world community grid team. This is a disease research project that I am part of. It's a great way for anyone with a computer to help finding cures for diseases like cancer, HIV, Ebola and multiple sclerosis. There is also lots of other scientific research you can be a part of by running this program. You can install it on your computer or smart phone and it will run when you aren't using your system for other tasks. So if you are at work you can plug up your iPhone or android and let it run the program. It's very easy to set this program up but if you have any problems you can refer to this post I made on my personal blog.

If your mostly interested in the giveaways and free coins then you should follow my other blogs. I am using this blog to post about my hobby and will only be giving away a fourth of the coins I find through old coin roll hunting. In fact I might only give away closer to 10%. Basically this blog is to show how old coin roll hunting can be both fun and profitable.

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