Thursday, March 26, 2015

I Found Five Wheat Pennies In 40 Coin Rolls

I didn't have time to grab my box of nickles today so I grabbed twenty rolls of pennies from two different banks I usually don't get change from. This was $20 worth of loose rolls I had to go through. There are both good and bad points to going through paper penny rolls. The bad thing is that you could strike out as many of these rolls are brought in by customers that go through their change and keep any rare or old coins they find.However, the best hunts I have had were from random rolls like these. One time I got just twenty rolls from one bank and found seven rolls that were nothing but wheat pennies. Unfortunately this wasn't one of those lucky treasure finds.

Actually I only found five wheat pennies in this whole lot. That means I only got one hit for every eight rolls I went through. This is way under my average of one for every 4 penny rolls. Maybe I'm just having a dry spell or maybe my banks are starting to run low on old coins. It is getting harder to find valuable coins every day as more people are starting to sort their change for older coins they can hold on to. Below is a single scan of what I found. I wasn't going to separate these for multiple images when I only found five coins.

Today we scored a 1949 and a 1949D. We also got a 1952D, 1953D and a 1956D. They all looked pretty good except for the 1949D which had a lot of green oxidation which some people call verdigris. This wasn't bad enough to clean as I am like most collectors and don't want to clean any coin unless it is so bad I can't see the date it was minted. Overall I'm very unsatisfied with this coin roll hunt but you win some and you lose some.

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