Thursday, May 7, 2015

A 1907 Victory Nickle And A 1937 Buffalo Nickle I Found Today

I just finished going through a hundred dollar box of nickles. I didn't find any silver in this box but I did find a fair number of older Jefferson nickles along with these two great finds. When I found the 1907 victory nickle I just about fell out of my chair. I was thinking it would be worth a lot of money but actually it only goes for a little over a dollar on the auction sites. It's still a great old coin to find in a roll of nickles though so I'll be holding onto it for awhile. The other coin was a 1937 buffalo nickle that looks absolutely gorgeous. I think the detail on the Indians face looks great. There is really very little wear on this coin when you consider that it came from a roll and has been in circulation for who knows how long. I scanned both of these coins together and put a pic of them below. What do you think about these great finds? I think these are two of the best non silver coins I have found so far.

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