Tuesday, May 12, 2015

I Found Three Silver Roosevelt Dimes In My First Bank Box

I have been meaning to grab my first full box of dimes but I just haven't had the money until now. Since I finally got my taxes back I have tons of cash and can get just about all the change I want. A box of dimes will cost me $250 but it really is one of the best investments you can make when you are coin roll hunting. Silver dimes don't have that much more silver in them than war nickles have. They only have about 25% more but for some reason they go for two or three times as much on eBay. It would seem to me that the nickles would be worth about the same as the dimes because they are older and rarer since there were only four years that silver nickles were minted.

I always thought it would be hard to find pre-1965 dimes but I found three in this box, granted it wasn't technically a box straight from the brinks truck. When I picked this baby up from the bank it was open and full of customer returned rolls. I was worried that I'd get these home and I wouldn't score a single silver coin but I ended up with three including one that was pretty old. Below is a scan of all three Roosevelt dimes I found.

The 1946 silver dime was the biggest surprise for me. It's not in great condition but it is now the oldest silver Roosevelt dime I have found so far in this hobby. The 1961 and 1964 dimes appear to have D mint marks on the back. I almost missed the 1964 because the last number has been rubbed off a bit from the weather of time. I'm pretty happy overall though. I'll be able to run these to the bank next week and add them to my collection. From now on I'm hooked on dimes, I'll be trying to get at least one box of them every other week. I like the idea that they are worth more than silver nickles but I can fit more of them in my banks safety deposit box.

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