Thursday, May 7, 2015

A 1944 Silver War Nickle And Two 1939 Nickles I Found Coin Roll Hunting

I went through about fifty dollars in nickles over the last two days but I only found one piece of silver. I was a 1944 silver war nickles. I've also been finding a lot of 1939 Jefferson nickles which is a key date since it was the first year they minted this coin. Even in circulate condition these can sometimes fetch up to a dollar on eBay and other auction sites. I plan on holding onto these until I have a ton of them I can sell and use the money to buy more gold coins or support some of my giveaway projects. Check out the images I scanned of these three coins below. I also picked up two more boxes of pennies and I'll be posting my new finds from them in a couple of days so be on the watch for my new posts.

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