Saturday, May 2, 2015

Three Steel Wheat Pennies I Won On A Free Online Auction

These are three steel wheat pennies I picked up on a free listia auction. This is a great website to use when you don't want to spend money on eBay. The site allows you to earn points by filling out surveys or watching videos online. The points you earn from these tasks can then be used in place of money to win auctions. Shipping is usually free so your items won't cost you a dime. Sometimes I will use a site like swagbucks to earn amazon gift card codes that I can then resale on listia. The points I earn from these auctions allow me to buy just about anything I want on the site.

Silver dimes and quarters are common items that get auctioned off by users of this site but wheat pennies go for a really low amount of points so if you spend a few days using the site you can get something right away. If you sign up under me I get a small amount of points from you when you list your first action on listia. I also get a cut from all the points you earn on swagbucks so please sign up under me on both of these sites.

The steel wheat pennies I picked up from this particular auction were not in very good shape but I got them super cheap and these are the first ones I've had in my collection. Below is a scan of all three 1943 steel war pennies. I received one S mint mark and one D mint mark along with a no mint mark steel wheat penny. These do look pretty rusted but from what I've seen a lot of these are not in great condition.

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