Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Five Wheat Pennies I Scored Today

I could have sworn I had six wheat pennies when I started to make this post but one of them has gotten away from me. I dropped one on the floor and spent several minutes looking for it. I finally found it but then I counted and I only had five. Maybe I am losing my memory as I get older or maybe I just can't count on more than one hand. At any rate I have five wheat pennies as I fire up my printer and do my usual scan of the front face of these old coins.. Here is the image of what I have to add to my penny collection.

Nothing really spectacular today. I was only able to pick up fifteen dollars in pennies so I knew I wouldn't get much unless I got really lucky. It's just a bunch of pennies from the forties and fifties with one that is so scratched up that I can't get a date off it even after scanning it. I bet someone was trying to file off the last two digits to make it look like a rare date coin. I really hat to see old coins defaced like this. I doo have another big box of pennies to pick up tomorrow. Maybe I'll have more luck with that one.

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